Recruitment Process

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Recruitment Fairs


AISB will attend the following Recruitment Fair to recruit new teachers for the 2020 - 2021 academic year:

Search Recruitment Fair, London - January 17-20, 2020

Initial vacancies, both firm and tentative, are posted during November and December.




Current faculty have until end of November to return contracts for the next year. After this date, the school has a definite list of positions vacant; these will be posted on our website as well as forwarded to the recruitment agencies.

Vacancies are posted as soon as we know them, so check regularly from mid-November onwards.

Process for securing an interview at a Recruiting Fair


Principals of each division screen résumés received by AISB and make recommendations to the Director for interviews at the fair. The Principals accompanying the Director to the respective fair will also screen the fair data-base for suitable candidates.

Initial interviews will be conducted individually by the Principal. The Director will normally interview all finalists, but may delegate the final interviewing where necessary or appropriate. Telephone or in-person references will be sought during the course of the fair. Successful reference checking may lead to contracts being offered during the fairs. The Director will make all financial and contractual arrangements with the chosen candidate.

AISB will also consider applications from candidates who are not associated with a recruiting agency and who have applied directly to the school. If you are interested in a position posted on the website, please send your credentials to us at this email and we will be in contact with you.